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Ukraine adoption dossier: adoptive parents commitment


To: State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child vul. Desyatynna, 14 Kiev 01025, Ukraine

From: name(s) of prospective adoption parent(s) address


We (I), the undersigned, name(s) of prospective adoption parent(s), promise to register the child/children adopted by us (me) from Ukraine at the Consulate general of Ukraine in New York, USA, located at 240 East 49 Street, New York, NY 10017, within one month after the adoption. Also, we (I) promise to inform the Ukrainian Consulate about the physical and psychological development, health and education of the child at least once a year. I agree to allow a representative of the Ukrainian Embassy to visit the child. The adopted child/children will retain Ukrainian citizenship until 18 years of age.

name(s) of prospective adoption parent(s),

Note! Please, do not forget to indicate the address of the Consulate or Embassy, where you are planning to register your adopted child/children.