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Ukraine flag

Ukrainian Flag. Ukraine Emblem. The Coat of Arms of Ukraine.

Ukraine flag

The flag of Ukraine was initially adopted in 1918, and is interpreted as the blue sky (symbolizing peace) over fields of wheat (symbolizing prosperity). The flag was officially restored as the national flag in 1992.

Ukraine flag and national emblem

National Ukraine Emblem often called Trizubets.

Ukraine national emblem

The Coat of Arms of Ukraine features the same colors found on the Ukrainian flag: a blue shield with yellow trident -- the symbol of ancient tribes that once lived in Ukraine, later adopted by Ruthenian rulers. The trident actually spells out сэъ·, which means "freedom" in Ukrainian. The shield is supported by a crowned lion from the Galician Coat of Arms on the left and a cossack in traditional dress, wielding a musket, the symbol of the hetmanate on the right. The Coat of Arms is crowned with the crown of Volodymyr the Great, symbolizing Ukrainian sovereignty, and decorated with red fruits and wheat at the bottom.