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Ukraine Adoption FAQ

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Ukrainian adoption questions

Q. We visited an orphanage in Odessa during a mission trip and have met kids with siblings that we believe are available. Since we have met them, would this be considered pre-selection?

A. To answer this question we should know details. In general, Ukrainian adoption law in "certain situations" allows to request specific children. You just have to show that it was not intentional pre-selection. Additionally, the problem often is hiding in availability of such children for adoption. You can discover that only after examining children records.

Q. Is a toddler girl a problem?

A. Toddlers and girls are the most difficult to get, because of the highest demand. Theoretically, the minimum age of a child available for international adoption in Ukraine is 15 month. We advise to be ready to accept a child between 15 month and 3-4 years of age. You should also understand, that a child must be available within your visitation time frame.

Q. I just started with a home study for my Ukraine adoption and I found out that the Social Worker License expires in about six months. Agency license will stay valid for more than a year. Shall I resubmit new SW-license or should I find another Social Worker?

A. You do not need to submit SW-License if your home study is prepared by an agency. "Aliens who wish to adopt a child who is a national of Ukraine and resides in its territory shall file a written application with the Center for the Adoption of ChildrenЕ.In additionЕaliens shall add to the applicationЕopinion issued by the competent authority of the State of residence, such an opinion confirming the possibility for them to be adopters and indicating their living and household conditions, biography, composition of the family, availability of their own children, and other details. Whenever non-public authority provides the opinion, the latter should be supported with a copy of license, which authorizes this authority to deal with adoption matters;Е" ( The Resolution 1377, з13 ). In your case "the authority" is your Ukraine adoption agency. You are supposed to submit the agency license. Not SW-license. Also, I would advise you not waist any time with Ukrainian adoption. It's one of the key factors to success. The earlier you submit the documents, the better you are.

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