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Russia adoption documents (dossier)

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Russian Adoption Dossier

  • A letter of application to adopt;
  • Home Study/Copy of Agency license/Conclusion of Home Study / Agreement;
  • US CIS approval notice (I-171H or I-797);
  • Copies of prospective adoptive parents' passports;
  • Marriage certificate/divorce certificate (if applicable);
  • State or local police clearance;
  • Medical(s) report for each parent in the home, and Doctor's License;
  • Financial documents: financial statement, employment verification letter, bank statements, tax forms;
  • Power of Attorney for your representative in Russia;
  • Parental Power of Attorney (if one parent must leave early);
  • Birth Certificates;
  • Evidence of place of residence;
  • Parents Post Placement Agreement letter.

All of these documents should be translated into Russian and legalized (apostilled).

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