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Russia Adoption Process

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Russia Adoption Process

  • Submit a preliminary application to Russia adoption agency, accredited by Russia government
  • Complete home study, USCIS paperwork, and prepare your dossier
  • Agency sends dossier to Russia
  • Translation and authentication of dossier
  • Submiting dossier to the Ministry of Education - adoption authority in Russia
  • Approval of the Ministry of Education
  • First trip to Russia to meet the pre-selected child.
  • After meeting and establishing contact child's documents are prepared by The Ministry of Education and submitted to the court.
  • Applying for court date
  • Second trip to Russia to attend the court hearing
  • Obtain the adoption certificate and a new birth certificate (showing the child's new name, and the adoptive parents as the parents) from the ZAGS (Vital Records Office)
  • Obtain the passport for the child from the OVIR (visa and registration department)
  • Contact the Embassy to make an appointment to apply for the immigrant visa to the United States
  • Registration of adopted child with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation
  • bring your child home
Note: the child's passport will be issued in the child's new name, which will appear in Cyrillic characters and in "English." However, the Russian officials will transliterate the name from Cyrillic into English and the result usually will not be spelled as your family spells it. For example, Smith will be Smit (there is no "th" in Russian); Callaghan will be Kalahan, etc. The fact that the child's name is "mis-spelled" in the passport will NOT cause a problem when you travel and should not be a cause for concern.
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