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Russian adoption agency: Adopt a Child

Adoption Agency: Adopt a Child
Adopt-A-Child, Inc is non-profit licensed adoption agency founded in 1992. It is a full-service agency providing not only adoption assistance but also pre- and post-adoption support counseling. Its maintains an active parent network to provide a forum for education, socialization, recreation and mutual support. It is one of the first U.S agencies to receive accreditation from the Russian Federation in September 2000.

6315 Forbes Avenue,
Suite L-111 Pittsburgh,
Pensylvania 15217
Phone: 1-800-246-4848

Principal Sofya Girel (is a native of Russia), Laura Ellman, MSW, LSW
Rep. in Russia Keshachina Olga Vladislavovna
Accredited by Russia till May 17, 2006