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List of Documents

Here is a list of documents (Dossier) for adoption from Ukraine to be submitted to State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child (SDAPRC) in Kiev, Ukraine, for your approval and registration as Prospective Parent(s):

1. Petition Letter requesting your registration as Prospective Parent(s). Petition letter sample.

2. Commitment Letter (also know as Obligation Letter) confirming your obligation to register a child in Ukrainian Consulate on the territory of the United States. Commitment letter sample.

3. Home Study with favourable recommendation. Home Study must be prepared by a licensed social worker (LSW) familiar with Ukrainian adoption working for a Licensed Agency in your state. Fees vary from $800 up to $2000.

4. License of adoption agency that signed favourable determination. In case the Home Study is prepared by non-governmental authorities, a copy of the license issued by the competent US governmental authorities granting approval for the adoption should be attached.

5. Your preliminary approval by the US Citizenship and Immigration Services, Form I-171H . Important Information on I-171H.

6. Your Passport(s).

7. Your Marriage Certificate (for couples). If you are divorced, you don't need to submit your Divorce Decree.

8. Police clearance(s) issued by your residence State authorities. You should submit to SDAPRC Criminal background check (police clearance) issued by the competent Law enforcement authorities for each prospective parent being registered.

9. Medical Conclusion(s), the specific Form required by Ukrainian Adoption Law is mandatory. Form I-171H . You can download Medical Form in RTF format from Kev Embassy site here

10. Your Family Income Proof, annual income (bank statement showing the annual income of the family).

You may also want to issue a Power-Of-Attorney for your facilitator - Interpreter to represent you on the territory of Ukraine.


All documents must be separate documents; one cannot be part of another. The documents for adoption from Ukraine remain valid for one year from the date of issuance, unless the law of the issuing State provides otherwise.

All documents must be properly notarized and apostilled in the United States.

All documents for adoption from Ukraine shall be translated into Ukrainian. Translations must be certified and notarized by Ukrainian Notary. Translations of all documents should be performed professionally and comply with standard requirements. Translations may not include any mistakes or unacceptable terms.

Any dossier denied registration three times due to lack of proper documentation would be permanently rejected.

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