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Ukraine post-adoption requirements

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Post-adoption Requirements

The Ukrainian legislation requires that adoptive parents provide the Ukrainian Consulates with annual reports on adopted child (children).

Adoptive parents should send annual reports to the Ukrainian Consulates once a year for the first three years after adoption, and then once every three years until the child reaches the age of 18.

Please send reports to Ukrainian Consulate or Embassy your specified in Letter of Obligation during adoption process.

The form of annual report you can find at Ukraine Embassy site

Latest news on this subject

November, 2005

"Ukraine will likely maintain its current policy of not accepting new dossiers from U. S. prospective adoptive parents until the Ukrainian government sees significant improvement in the compliance rate on past cases." Between the years 1996 and 2004, 5,760 children were adopted by U. S. citizens and 900 of those adoptions are missing post-placement reports. The JCICS wants adoptive parents to know that "...submitting post-placement reports, even late, will not jeopardize their finalized adoptions."

October 2005

National Adoption Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine suspended the acceptance of new adoption dossiers from US citizens.

According to the Children Adoption Center, the decision to stop accepting certain dossiers was based mainly on the past non-compliance of some families with post-adoption reports, which are required by the Ukrainian law.

According to the Children Adoption Center, the new procedures do not affect dossiers that have already been accepted, unless the prospective adopting parents have failed to register and provide reports about the previously adopted Ukrainian children.

As the United States is the country whose citizens adopt the largest number of the Ukrainian children, the Government of Ukraine is deeply concerned with the fate of hundreds of the adopted children we have no information about.

Taking into consideration the above-mentioned the Embassy of Ukraine to the USA kindly requests your cooperation in two matters.

FIRST, we need cooperation in promoting the registration of Ukrainian children adopted by US citizens and SECOND, in providing the Consulates of Ukraine with post-placement reports from American adoptive parents whom you may have contact with regards to this issue.

The Embassy of Ukraine is obliged to act in accordance with the Ukrainian law which states that the Embassy shall supervise the registration of the adopted children and maintain the database of the post-placement reports about them.

Registering your child allows the adopted child to be added onto the list of Ukrainian citizens residing in the United States.

Please be advised that in accordance with the Ukrainian law, the adoptive parents signed an agreement with the Government of Ukraine to:

  • maintain the Ukrainian citizenship of the adopted child until the age of eighteen,
  • to register the child with the appropriate diplomatic mission of Ukraine, as well as
  • to submit to the diplomatic mission periodical reports about the child's well-being and
  • to allow the representatives of the diplomatic mission to contact the child directly.

It is especially important for the Ukrainian Government to know where the adopted Ukrainian children have been placed and how they are progressing in the United States. Through regular reports, the Ukrainian Government is informed of the children's development with their adoptive parents.

The Embassy of Ukraine thanks all American families that provide us with information about the progress of their Ukrainian children. We really appreciate it.

The Embassy of Ukraine kindly asks those who forgot or refused to provide us with this information to do so as soon as possible. Please send the reports along with pictures of your children so that we may follow their development throughout the years.

Please understand that your neglect to inform the Ukrainian authorities about your adopted children blocks the process of the Ukrainian orphan children adoption by American families.

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