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Ukrainian Adoption Process: stages

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1. Documents preparation

The independent adoption process in Ukraine starts from preparation documents in the United States. You should submit the required paperwork to State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child (SDAPRC) in Kiev, Ukraine. Complete list of documents required for Ukraine adoption, and the procedure for processing applications of aliens for international adoption in Ukraine are specified in the Resolution of the Cabinet Of Ministers Of Ukraine # 1377 that came into effect on January 1, 2004.

2. Documents translation

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3. Visiting Ukraine

We have prepared page about Ukraine and advice on how to be in Ukraine.

4. Visiting State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child (SDAPRC) in Kiev, Ukraine

After you are approved and registered as a candidate for adoption of an orphan from Ukraine, you should be invited to visit the State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child (SDAPRC) in Ukraine. During an interview with the inspector you will be shown files of children of age and gender you've requested, that are available for international adoption. For the one that you choose, you receive a Permission Letter to visit an orphanage, where the child is placed. It can be anywhere in the country unless you make a specific and reasonable request. Along with the letter of referral, you will be given your documents, bound, numbered, sealed, and signed by an official in charge of SDAPRC, with a separate sheet specifying the number of pages and the prospective parents' registration file code.

5. Visiting Ukraine orphanage and establishing a contact with an orphan

Hereupon you will have to travel to the city, where the orphanage is located. By air, railroad or car. In the orphanage you will meet with the child. As a fact of a matter, you are going to be able to see a number of children, and choose one of them. Or none. And return back to Kiev, and ask for another opportunity. When you finally select a child, you will be shown child's health history records, and may arrange extra medical tests deemed necessary.

There is a lot of paperwork that should be done at each stage of the Ukraine adoption process. Some papers should be brought to Kiev and back to the orphanage. All of that can be taken care off by your facilitator carrying your POA in his/her name.

6. Court hearings

Finally, you collect all the necessary paperwork and file it with the local Court in the city where the orphanage is located. The hearing can be scheduled within few days, but the judgment may include a 30-days waiting period provision to get finalized. Waiving such waiting period is a prerogative of a judge. At least one of the parents must attend the final hearings.

7. Receiving travel documents and US visa for your adopted child

After positive and final court decision, you can take a child from an orphanage to Kiev, where you should receive necessary travel documents for a child, including Birth Certificate, International Passport, etc. Your facilitator will be able to receive almost all of them as well.

In order to get US visa for your adopted child, you will have to submit required documents to the US Embassy in Kiev. The documents shall be translated from Ukrainian into English and properly legalized / apostilled in Ukraine. An approval from US consular services for your child to enter the United States can be received within 2-3 days.

Then you say Good-Buy to Ukraine, and board an airplane with your new child for a happy flight home...

In general terms, this is the essence of an adoption process in Ukraine.

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