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Ukraine Adoption Resources

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Ukraine Adoption Resources

State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child (SDAPRC)
Official site. Adoption by a national of Ukraine, who resides outside its limits, a child who is a national and resident of Ukraine. Mainly presented in Ukrainian.

United States Embassy in Kiev, Ukraine.
Ukrainian adoption. Required documents. Process and procedures. Obtaining U.S. visa for adopted child.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services.
Immigration Forms, Fees and Fingerprints. Immigration Laws, Regulations and Guides.

U.S. Department of State.
Travel information for american citizens traveling abroad, and foreigners traveling to the U.S.

DoS official International Adoption booklet.

DoS official Ukraine Adoption Information Flyer.

Embassy of Ukraine in the USA.
Address and contact info of US Embassy in Wasington D.C. Consulates General of Ukraine in New York, Chicago, San Francisco. General information about Ukraine.

Consulates of Ukraine in the USA.
Adoption from Ukraine. About Ukrainian Law and Regulations. Annual Report Form for a child adopted from Ukraine.

Consulate General of Ukraine in Chicago.
International adoption from Ukraine. Law and general procedures. US States covered.

Consulate General of Ukraine in New York.
Ukrainian Visas. Types and fees. Application forms. Adoption from Ukraine. Certification of translations. Fees and processing time.

Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco.
Visa requirements, application form. International adoption from Ukraine.

Ministry of foreign affairs of Ukraine.
Consular questions. International adoption in Ukraine. In ukrainian language only.

Ukrainian Airline. The only Airline in the world having non-stop flights between USA and Ukraine. Boeing 347's and 367's. Flights timetable. Prices. Online booking. Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Orlando, San Francisco, Seattle, etc.

Ukrainian Consular Districts in the USA.
Which Ukrainian Consulate you need to contact to. All 50 States.

English to Ukrainian translation
Ukraine adoption translation services.

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