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Adoption Travel to Ukraine

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24 Steps to Happiness

1. Get US Passport(s). Check expiration date(s).

2. Apply for Ukraini an Visa(s).

3. Book a flight to Ukraine.

4. Register with the US Embassy in Kiev, while still in the States.

5. Make hotel reservation for short stay in Kiev after arrival.

6. Take a flight to Ukraine.

7. Arrive to Kiev.

8. Check in the US Embassy in Kiev. Learn the communication procedure, while travel in Ukraine, and follow it.

9. Visit the State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child (SDAPRC).

10. After getting Permission to visit an orphanage, make arrangements for next day leave by air, train or car.

11. Arrive to the orphanage city.

12. Check in a local hotel.

13. Visit an orphanage.

14. Make permanent arrangements for your accomodation in the city, or leave it and return to Kiev.

15. If you return to Kiev to visit State Department for Adoption and Protection of Rights of the Child (SDAPRC) for new referral, repeat steps 7-14.

16. Make arrangements for your transportation needs in the city of the orphanage location. Prepare for short stay there (a couple of weeks).

17. Get a local court decision. If waiting period is waived, pick up a child from the orphanage and leave for Kiev.

18. If 30-days waiting period is not waived, decide whether you gonna stay or leave for US, and return back later. If you leave for the States, you have to make extra arrangements with the airline.

19. Arrive with the child in Kiev. Check in the hotel with the child, and apply for child's US-Visa. Prepare to stay in Kiev with the child for few days.

20. Book airline tickets (if you didn't arrange it before) for your flight back.

21. Board a flight to the United States.

22. Arrive home.

23. Register a child in your regional Ukrainian Consulate.

24. Invite everyone and celebrate!

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