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Adoption documents translation (dossier) to Ukrainian language

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Documents translation into Ukrainian

Please, note that certification by American Notary Public of translations of documents for adoption, that should be presented in Ukraine, is NOT ACCEPTABLE!

Translation of a document into Ukrainian language drawn up on the territory of United States MUST be certified by Ukrainian Consul in the United States, who is authorized to perform the duties of Ukrainian Notary. It can be done either

(A) IN-PERSON, in this case the translator signs an affidavit before Ukrainian Consular Officer, who examines evidence of the translator's qualification (certificate, diploma, accreditation) and certifies authenticity of the translator's signature, or

(B) by COURIER delivery, if the translation of a document was done by a qualified translator, personally known to the consul, who has in his office a sample of the translator's signature.

Consular fee for such validation is $40 per document, processing time - two weeks.

Or you can certify documents in Ukraine. It is much cheaper. Please contact translation agency dealing with Ukraine adoptiob dossier translation.

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